Woman Seeks Reconstructive Surgery Abroad

Deena hated looking in the mirror every morning. When she did, she saw the scar that traced its way along her jaw line, the result of a car  accident in Brussels several years prior. She and her husband had been on vacation from their native New Zealand and had been hit by a lorry whose driver had fallen asleep at the wheel.

She had undergone three previous cosmetic surgical procedures to reduce the appearance of the thick, red, puckered scar on her face, but each time, the results were disappointing. Then, Deena learned about cosmetic surgery and found excellent plastic and reconstructive surgeons in South America. Could she travel that far for surgery? Wouldn’t it be awfully complicated? Arranging for  medical travel visas, transferring medical documents, arranging for consultations with the plastic surgeon, and so forth? Actually, it was all easier than she had imagined.

She was thrilled to read the qualifications of some of the best cosmetic surgery experts in South America, even more thrilled that it was affordable. Plastic and reconstructive surgery experts could be found in Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil.

Deena was amazed at the amount of information she found online regarding possible options and choices for cosmetic and plastic surgery abroad. She grew more excited each time she contacted one of her choices, pleased with the ease of talking to surgeons at these facilities. What made it so easy? Online medical resources like PlacidWay, an international medical provider and resource, offering information regarding facilities, surgeons and their qualifications, and detailed information regarding treatments, pricing and travel needs.

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