Woman Seeks Affordable Fertility Treatment at Adiva

Dana was tired of her doctor telling her that her infertility problem couldn’t be solved without her spending upward toward $100,000 in fertility treatments and procedures, with her chances of success minimal at best. She refused to believe that she couldn’t conceive, with just a little help. Dana and her husband also knew however, that they didn’t have the financial means to spend so much money, especially when their insurance company told them they would no longer help cover costs, as they’d already reached their cap limit for benefits and coverage.

Dana and her husband talked to family members and friends and were told to try fertility treatments abroad. A friend of her sister-in-law told Dana about Adiva Fertility Center, in India. The facility offered both diagnostic and operative laparoscopy for infertility, staffed by experts in the fertility field with experience in multiple techniques and procedures that enhance chances of a successful conception. Adiva’s fertility specialists belonged to global organizations that maintain training and expertise in the field of fertility and treatments that offer the best chances for couples to conceive.

Dana decided to look into ART, or assisted reproduction technology at Adiva, located in New Delhi. A number of Adiva’s experienced staff belong to the National Academy of Medical Sciences and the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and others are directors of fertility clinics throughout India, as well as Fellows and Members of global fertility organizations and associations.

Dana and her husband contacted PlacidWay, again recommended by Dana’s sister-in-law. There, they researched Adiva, their qualifications, programs, and list of doctors and their credentials. They’re scheduled to fly to India next month, and are excited at their chance to receive affordable fertility treatments. Finally, their dreams of growing their family may come true.

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