Woman Finds IVF Success at Thai Fertility Clinic


Malanie, a 27-year old South African and her husband desperately wanted children, though they were having trouble conceiving.  After doing research, she wondered if their best chance of conceiving lay with in vitro fertilization.  She did her homework and learned that IVF or in vitro fertilization remains the most common methods of conception for women having difficulty conceiving.

In vitro fertilization procedures enable a woman to be injected with hormones that help her body produce multiple eggs each month, instead of just one, which is normal. The hormone injections serve to increase egg production. Tests are performed to determine whether eggs are viable enough to be retrieved for the procedure.

That’s just the first step. While Malanie underwent the IVF procedure, her husband would donate his sperm. The eggs retrieved from Malanie’s ovaries would be mixed with her husband’s sperm in a laboratory. When the eggs were ready, they would be transferred into her uterus through a catheter.

After researching her options, costs and locations, Malanie decided on a world-class infertility treatment center in Bangkok, Thailand. There, one cycle of treatment would cost approximately $4,500 rather than the $12,000 in the U.S.

Like Malanie, if you’re having trouble with conception and considering IVF treatments, research prospective clinics abroad. She found success in Thailand. You may find help too, in one of many excellent and reputable fertility clinics around the world. Check to see how many successful procedures have been done there and then use that information to help you make an educated decision. For more information regarding infertility treatments abroad, visit

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