Woman Finds Her Fountain of Youth in South America

Bekka had long ago grown tired of looking in a mirror and seeing an on-the-other-side of middle- aged woman staring back at her.  Bekka ate right, exercised every day, but couldn’t seem to stop the gradual loss of her skin elasticity, nor prevent the slight dip of jowls forming along her jaw line. One day, fed up, Bekka decided to do something about it.

Problem was, Bekka knew her medical insurance doesn’t cover most elective cosmetic surgery procedures. She remembered a friend who had gone down to Mexico for some work and she looked great and couldn’t have been happier with the work done there. Where to start? Bekka accessed PlacidWay, a growing leader in accurate information regarding medical tourism and offered information regarding facilities, clinics, and plastic surgeons as well as procedures that might offer her exactly what she was looking for.

She read about anti-aging skin care products, Botox injections, fat transfers, human growth hormones, stem cell regeneration and rejuvenation, and cosmetic and plastic surgeries. She discovered affordable yet quality antiaging treatments and facilities in not only Mexico, but also Argentina, Costa Rica and Brazil.

She explored the qualifications and experience of places like Aesthetic Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center in Bolivia and the Center of Plastic Surgery and Rehabilitation in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. She researched the expertise of Dr. Tomas Brosto, a highly respected plastic surgeon in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

One thing she realized. She did have choices. With enthusiasm, she contacted PlacidWay regarding her needs, found a travel package that offered her the ultimate in vacations with just the cosmetic procedure she knew was right for her. She’s on her way to smiling when
she looks in the mirror again.

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