Winter Fun Causes Increase in Need for Orthopedic Treatments

With winter in full swing, orthopedic surgeons and facilities are seeing an increase in fracture patients. Skiing and snowboarding cause the largest number of winter accidents, but so do slips and falls. The physically active and the elderly are among the highest populations needing treatments for ankle, knee and hip injuries.

 In the United States, knee surgery or knee joint surgery costs about $30,000. Medical tourists pay around $12,000 in India. Knee ligament repair costs around $17,000 per knee in the U.S., and knee abrasion arthroplasty costs twice that.

Orthopedic surgery is a broad field that deals with a wide range of issues, from arthritis to bone fracture. Orthopedic specialists in hip replacement surgery, knee joint surgery and other types of orthopedic treatment options are available at affordable prices in foreign destinations. So take care of your medical needs and see the world at the same time. The options are out there – it’s up to you to take advantage of them.

According to the American Society of Orthopedic Surgeons, pain and injuries in joints, is the number two reason for physician visits in the United States.  When bones or joints don’t heal right, or if you’ve been diagnosed with a musculoskeletal disease that causes pain, limited range of motion or reduced mobility, an orthopedic surgeon may need to perform surgery.

Excellent, accredited and affordable orthopedic surgeries are available in locations such as Ageless Wonders Panama, the Madras Joint Replacement Center in India, Terme Selce in Croatia and the Hospital De La Mujer in Mexico, just to name a few. Take the time to find the best knee surgery abroad, or the best places to obtain orthopedic surgery in Mexico, or to access the best orthopedic surgeons in India.

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  • Posted: February 9, 2011 00:05

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