Why Venture Abroad for Medical Care? Ten Reasons Why

Has a friend of yours traveled abroad for medical care?  Have you ever wondered why more people every year are traveling beyond their own borders for healthcare?  Chances are, at least one person you know has traveled to Mexico, Asia or Central Europe for medical care.  Some have even traveled as far as South Africa.  Why?  Some reasons are very simple, and others are heartbreaking.  Here are just a few:

  • Medical and dental procedures up to 75% cheaper in Mexico and Latin America than in the United States
  • You’re tired of waiting six months or more to be scheduled for a surgical procedure
  • Your insurance company has declined to pay for your procedure – such as the case with many bariatric and obesity surgical procedures and orthopedic problems (many joint problems are considered “pre-existing”)
  • You don’t like your choice of doctors
  • You’re tired of jumping through Medicare or private insurance hoops
  • You want to enjoy a bit of traveling while taking care of your dental needs
  • You want the option of selecting a world renowned physician or surgeon who you know will address your concerns, or perform a specific procedure or a surgery
  • You want to take advantage of stem cell technology and research, which is not yet available in the United States
  • You need a major surgery but can’t come close to paying for it in the U.S.
  • You want to take charge of your health care, which means having the freedom to choose where, when, and how

Whether you need a hip or knee replacement surgical procedure, dental veneers or crowns, or you’re looking for world-class fertility clinic abroad. Find the facility, the doctor and the surgeon who will best meet your needs through medical resource facilitators such as

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