Why Mexico Is One Of The Best Destinations For Hip Replacement Surgery


The varying costs of hip replacement include the pre-op tests, hospital fees, surgeon’s fees, anesthesia. In the US you can expect to pay anything between $30,000 and $50,000 or more for total hip replacement. The average cost of the hip replacement in countries like Spain, Columbia, Costa Rica, Belgium, Mexico and India varies between $7,000 and $ 15,000.

Hip replacement surgery in Mexico can channel the expenses into savings of over 60%.

Dr. Max Greig is a surgeon in Puerto Vallarta who performs hip replacement surgery for $13,500 (costs include hospital, implants/prosthesis, medical and administration fees).

The orthopedic procedure is also available at the Hispano Americano Hospital, located in the heart of the medical district of the city of Mexicali, for $12,420.

Mexico, like many other countries with well-developed medical industries, actually requires its surgeons and specialists to undergo far more frequent testing and attendance of continuing education programs to keep their medical license valid for practice than doctors in the USA. This means that many overseas doctors are more up-to-date on the latest medical practices and technology than a lot of their American counterparts. Furthermore, most surgeons in Mexico are highly specialized in their fields and tend to concentrate on a singular discipline or type of operation.

Orthopedic surgeries, including hip replacement, are one of the procedures sought by international patients at medical tourism hospitals. While such procedures are commonly offered in patients’ home health care systems, they may simply be more accessible, affordable, or available elsewhere, which is why the global medical tourism industry has grown significantly in the past decade.

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