Why Do Spanish Patients Travel to Mexico for Surrogacy?

Spanish singles and couples interested in becoming parents through surrogacy don’t have the possibility of accomplishing it in their own country. Both gestational surrogacy and seeking a surrogate mother are illegal in Spain. Despite that, Spanish patients can travel to a country where surrogacy is legal and have the procedure done over there.

Hundreds of Spanish couples for whom surrogacy is the only reproductive alternative travel every year aboard to accomplish their wish. After the child’s birth, parents complete all the proceedings for the child to obtain Spanish nationality and return back home, ready to start a new, happy life.

Mexico’s legislation regulating surrogacy makes Spanish patients travel over there

Mexico is one of the few countries with legislation regulating surrogacy, ranking as a top choice among Spaniards who travel for becoming parents.

Mexico’s surrogacy legal recognition is the main reason why Spanish citizens take the plane to Latin America in order to become parents. And, besides couples, Mexico allows single, gay and lesbian couples to accomplish their dreams.

Why many Patients choose Mexico?

  • Patient-friendly prices
  • Flawless medical services, high success rates and world class facilities
  • Experienced doctors
  • Flexibility is appealing
  • Guarantee wins


Spanish Patients Travel to Mexico for Surrogacy

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