Why are Indonesians traveling to Thailand, Malaysia and South Korea?

Why are Indonesians traveling to Thailand, Malaysia and South Korea?

Over the past years, the Medical Tourism industry has increased significantly, as more and more people begin to understand and see its advantages. Asia is an important piece in the healthcare tourism market, attracting patients from all over the world. But if Asia is a big player in the industry, does Indonesia share this role?

Unfortunately, the healthcare system in Indonesia is still struggling with increased costs, long waiting lists and the lack of appropriate infrastructure to accommodate all the patients’ needs. Therefore, many Indonesians (around 40%) seek medical help abroad in neighboring Asian countries, particularly Malaysia, South Korea and Thailand.

Seeking medical treatment abroad has become a common practice for Indonesians. Most of them are seeking treatments and procedures for age-related diseases, but also for cancer or chronic diseases like diabetes. Also, more and more Indonesians are suffering from arthritis due to increasing life expectancy, so they are looking for orthopedic treatments. But medical conditions aren’t the only factor that leads them to seek medical care abroad. The desire to look more attractive and younger encourages them to opt for cosmetic procedures abroad.

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