What to Expect with Orthopedics Surgery Abroad

Whether you need hip joint resurfacing or hip replacement surgery, or some kind of shoulder surgery, knee joint surgery or arthroscopic surgery, there are options for Americans seeking less expensive medical care outside U.S. borders.

Many consumers make the mistake of believing cheaper costs reflect on the experience, training and lack of certification among foreign providers, but this is not the case. Orthopedic care and orthopedic specialists abroad are highly trained, skilled and experienced providers in their fields of study. Many physicians and surgeons abroad are trained in the United States and Britain, and belong to internationally accredited organizations that guarantee their certification and training.

Because of the growing popularity of medical tourism, physicians, surgeons and health care facilities abroad are seeking international accreditation with reputable associations and organizations such as JCI (Joint Commissions International).

Lower costs are available for hip replacement surgery, hip joint resurfacing, and shoulder, hand or knee surgery abroad because international malpractice insurance costs are not nearly as enormous as demand requires in the U.S. Instead of being forced to pay upward of $200,000.00 a year for medical malpractice insurance, foreign physicians and surgeons pass the savings on to their patients.

When it comes to orthopedic surgeries and procedures, many options are possible, for multiple issues caused by arthritis, bone fracture, trauma, spinal injuries and more. Places like Costa Rica, India, facilities like the Vejthani Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand, Mexico, Turkey, South Africa or Norway and Jordan offer medical travelers the best in care while saving a hefty chunk of money at the same time.

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