Weight Loss Success in Mexicali

Janet had tried just about everything to lose weight successfully, but at 61 years of age, she couldn’t just go out and run, jog or engage in intense aerobic activity to exercise her weight off. Added to that, Janet had a full time job that left little free time for exercise. She felt exhausted every day after work, and barely had enough energy to prepare dinner before she nearly collapsed into her chair for the evening.

Janet knew she couldn’t afford bariatric surgery in the U.S., and her insurance wouldn’t cover any elective weight loss or bariatric surgery  procedures. Living in San Diego, she knew of several highly rated and respected weight loss and bariatric surgical facilities just south of the border in Mexicali.

Janet, after researching an online resource, decided on Dr. Marco Sariñana, an expert in endoscopic and bariatric surgery.  Long story short, Janet has lost 100 pounds since her gastric sleeve procedure nearly 12 months ago during a safe and gradual weight loss program.  Janet weighed 225 pounds when she went in for surgery and has gone from a 3/4 XL tee shirt and 22/24-waist pant to medium shirts and a size 10/12 pant.

Dr. Sariñana and his Mexicali Obesity Solutions team offer minimally invasive treatments that address not only obesity but also obesity related conditions like diabetes. Using a combination of metabolic surgical procedures, Dr. Sariñana and his team improves insulin resistance in his metabolic surgery package.

Dr. Sariñana and his team are trained and dedicated ion providing affordable metabolic surgery in Mexico that continuously meets high standards of care and quality.

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