Understanding Hip Resurfacing Options Abroad

Hip resurfacing is considered a type of orthopedic surgery that repairs a hip joint without totally replacing the joint itself. In most cases, hip resurfacing involves the head of the femur, or thighbone. Sometimes, it also involves both the hip socket as well as the head of the femur. Hip resurfacing surgery is often recommended for younger and more active patients who may need further treatments or revision of hip replacement surgeries, as they grew older, or as parts involved in hip replacement procedures wear out.

Restoring range of motion and reducing pain that is caused by friction, or bones rubbing against each other, are two of the major benefits of hip resurfacing procedures. In addition, hip resurfacing does not require the total replacement of the ball and socket joint, as is performed in a hip replacement surgical procedure.

Hip resurfacing procedures in the United States are extremely costly and may amount to $55,000 to$6,0000, for one hip. The procedure costs roughly $8,500 in places like Madras Joint Replacement Center in Chennai or at the CTG Healthcare Group in Izmir, Turkey. Medical tourists traveling to Thailand, Singapore, and South American destinations like Cedyt in Bariloche, Argentina for the same treatments may anticipate spending less than one-tenth the amount charged in the United States for such procedures.

Hip resurfacing abroad or even partial or total hip replacement abroad offers some of the most affordable orthopedic surgery in Turkey and the best orthopedic surgeons in India. Orthopedic surgery abroad offers options that patients may not have anywhere else.

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