Traveling for Stem Cell Treatments

Stem cell technology using umbilical cord stem cord therapy and adult stem cell therapy has surpassed ethical and religious controversies to provide hope for the future. Stem cell treatments are available in state-of-the-art facilities found in the Ukraine, Thailand and throughout the world. It’s inevitable that stem cell treatments will also be available in the U.S. Just a few of the neurological disorders that stem cell therapies may help improve include multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

The most commonly studied and used stem cell therapies today involve the use of:

  • Embryonic stem cell therapy
  • Adult stem cell therapy and research
  • Umbilical cord stem cell therapy
  • Placenta stem cell therapy

Thousands of individuals today have the potential of benefiting from a variety of human stem cell therapy and treatments, but education on these treatments is a must. Stem cell therapy has long been clouded with mistrust, ethical, moral, and religious controversy. Today, thanks to the dedication of stem cell therapy research, treatments are now close for conditions that were never before thought possible.

New findings, research and technology offer hope every month. For the best stem cell surgery abroad, the best cancer treatment in Europe and the best stem cell clinics around the world, visit Information, resources and articles, descriptions of stem cell technology and treatments helping people with Parkinson’s to blindness. Stem cell treatment in Europe and stem cell therapies in Mexico such as Cellteam Biotechnology and the services of Dr. Omar Gonzalez and Integra Medical Center encourage those with chronic illnesses to travel for treatment.

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