Traveling Across Borders for Eye and Vision Care

Can you see me now? If you’re having eye or vision problems, and don’t have medical insurance, consider traveling across borders for your vision care. Whether you want to squeak in a visit to the eye doctor or surgeon during a business trip or during a family vacation, you can see more clearly by taking advantage of numerous world-class eye and vision care facilities around the world.

LASIK surgery involves the cornea reshaping, which is the protruding part of the surface of the eyeball.  Used to correct a wide variety of vision problems, LASIK eye surgery has become a preferred eye surgery procedure for people who have, or are experiencing vision problems such as eye myopia or nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

Other benefits to laser surgery are the quick recovery time. In fewer than 30 minutes, you can get one or both eyes done and have little to no discomfort. LASIK eye surgery also replaces the use of scalpels in such a sensitive area of the body.

The TRSC International LASIK Center is located in beautiful Bangkok, Thailand. Meeting the needs of international travelers when it comes to their vision needs, the LASIK center offers full refractive surgery. TRSC is one of the largest stand-alone Lasik facilities found in all of Asia.

Take full advantage of corrective eye surgery available for international medical travelers from Serbia to the Philippines and from South Africa to Jordan and Guatemala. PlacidWay, an increasingly popular resource for medical tourism, offers detailed profiles on such facilities, their treatments, costs and qualifications.

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