Traveling Abroad for Medical Care

Anyone who scoffed at the thought of traveling across borders for medical care a decade ago isn’t scoffing any longer. In a mere decade, the idea of traveling to another country for the benefits of not only a vacation but medical care or procedures has gained global popularity. Higher costs of health care, long waits and unavailable technologies in some countries in the world has prompted medical travelers to seek more healthcare options for their health and wellness.

The number of internationally accredited facilities, surgeons and doctors is on the rise, from India to Mexico and from Croatia and Turkey to Ecuador and Russia. Cancer therapy abroad, bariatric and obesity surgery, orthopedic care, and cardiac care are available in state-of-the-art and world-class clinics, hospitals and facilities around the globe.

MedTravel Ecuador is just one of the dozens of excellent health care facilities profiled on PlacidWay, a major and growing medical provider and resource for international travelers. MedTravel Ecuador is located in Quito, Ecuador, a subsidiary of the Global Health Corporation.  As a major medical tourism and health destination provider, MedTravel Ecuador is dedicated to promoting safe, effective, certified and reliable healthcare providers throughout Ecuador. Highly trained physicians and surgeons offer individuals care in all medical fields and specialties, from chronic disease treatment to cancer treatment abroad, to plastic surgery to dental care.

Many global health care destinations have partnered with major medical hospitals and staff from, among others, the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Mount Sinai Hospital, Oxford, Stanford and Harvard medical teaching universities. Many of the world’s finest and most experienced surgeons are to be found in places you never imagined. These days, medical care abroad is a viable, effective and affordable option.

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