The Increase in Travel to International Medical Destinations

Why are so many people venturing abroad for their medical care? Why are expatriates returning to their homelands for medical care and treatment? Rising healthcare costs, uncertainty regarding Health Care reforms, and long wait times as well as limited options when it comes to techniques, methods and procedures to treat a wide variety of medical conditions that range from obesity and bariatric surgery to breast augmentation to sports training and rehabilitation, prompts individuals from around the world to travel abroad for their health care needs.

Expatriates from Japan, Thailand, Korea, and China are traveling to world-class facilities such as South Korea’s Wooridul Spine Care Hospital, while Albanians, Russians, Armenians, Georgians and those from Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan are traveling to facilities in Croatia and Turkey.  North Americans are traveling to Mexico and South America in ever increasing numbers to receive affordable and quality cosmetic and plastic surgeon procedures, weight loss treatments, obesity and bariatric surgery treatments and dental care.

Citizens from France, England, Germany, Norway and Sweden are traveling to central European countries such as Poland, and Hungary for affordable medical care while South Africans increasingly travel to destinations such as India, Malaysia and Singapore for superlative, available, effective and affordable medical treatment.

This growing trend in International Medical Care, promoted by the Medical Tourism Board and Ministries of Health as well as medical tourism portals such as PlacidWay offer international patients a true choice in their healthcare options. Affordability, availability, quality, and effective care is available in medical fields from stem cell research and development to the latest in cardiac surgical procedures.

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