The Cost of a Life: Affordable Heart Surgery Abroad

Since when should an individual have to choose between a life-saving operation and the potential financial ruin of his or her family? Due to the outrageous cost of health care in the U.S., and especially those that involve any kind of heart surgery procedure, more Americans today are taking their chances by not choosing potentially life-saving cardiovascular surgery procedures.

Depending on the type of procedure or surgery that is performed, cardiac surgeries have widely differing price ranges. However, they are among the most expensive surgical procedures performed in the United States. Coronary bypass surgery can cost up to $20,000 for one bypass, more if additional bypasses are required. A heart transplant can cost over $150,000!

However, options are available for many types of heart surgery abroad, and fine ones at that. Heart surgeons and facilities found throughout the globe offer high-tech, state-of-the-art medical equipment, accredited and highly trained cardiac surgeons and general heart care in such treatments as heart valve replacement surgery, coronary bypass surgery, and even heart transplant procedures.

Highly acclaimed facilities and cardiac surgeons can be found in Jordan, Thailand, Turkey and Singapore for a fraction of the costs in the U.S. For example, an angioplasty balloon procedure in the U.S. can cost up to $57,000, while in India, the cost hovers around $11,000 and in Thailand the same procedure costs about $13,000.

No one should feel that they must weigh between health and the wallet. Medical tourism abroad offers alternatives to such drastic decisions.

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