The Best of South America: Medical Care Abroad

In recent years, Mexico and South American medical tourism destinations in Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Brazil and Argentina have become some of the most popular medical tourism destinations for international travelers from the United States, South Africa and Europe. State-of-the-art treatments in fertility and infertility, cardiology, cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures, and dental and cosmetic dental medicine has drawn thousands of travelers to her sandy beaches and world-class medical facilities.

American Stem Cell and Anti Aging Center in Quito, Ecuador offers a wide range of procedures in a variety of medical specialties and fields through alternative medicine and traditional medical practices. Other facilities offer care in orthopedic, cosmetic, and body contouring surgeries, as well as craniofacial and hand surgery, dentistry, heart care, and spa and wellness services and treatments.

South American destinations such as the Center of Plastic Surgery and Rehabilitation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is known for their cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures including liposuction,breast augmentation or reduction, facelifts, body contouring, Botox, thigh lift, adbominoplasty and more.

Other facilities such as Cedyt, located in Bariloche, Argentina, offers total knee and hip replacements, pediatric surgery, fertility treatments, ENT, gynecology and endovascular surgery and phlebology, among others.

From beauty to babies, from cardiac care to the best in natural or alternative medical treatments and technologies, South American medical tourism destinations offer expertise, experience, and quality health care services for international travelers.

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