Thailand Medical Tourism: The Best in the East

Medical tourism in Thailand offers the best in high-tech facilities and care. Cancer specialists offer a multitude of cancer treatment for many cancers, including breast cancer, bone cancer, colon cancer and more. Alternative cancer treatment and cancer prevention facilties found in Thailand offer affordable cancer treatment options for international travelers.


One of the most well known cancer treatment centers in Southeast Asia is the Bangkok Medical Center (BMC) is one of the most technologically advanced hospitals in medicine today. Located in Bangkok, Thailand, BMC is an expansive state-of-the-art medical campus that provides the most comprehensive medical care available anywhere. Composed of four hospitals and a broad range of specialized clinics, BMC offers JCI accredited health care and has delivered world class, award winning health care since 1972.


For those who are looking for a quality facility that offers breast cancer treatments, the Bangkok Hospital Medical Center has over 650 full-time physicians, all of whom are internationally trained and highly experienced. Their center offers virtually every service and amenity imaginable, from concierge services and luxury accommodations, to translation assistance and fantastic dining, ensuring that your stay is a comfortable one.


Cancer treatments at the first private cancer hospital in Thailand, Wattanosoth Cancer Hospital have state-of-the-art technology and treatment methods as well as specialized physicians. For those looking for a world-class facility with exceptional standards of care, the medical center in Thailand offers affordable cancer treatments in an exotic locale.


While there are specialized facilities for treatments, Bangkok Hospital is also the primary facility for internal medicine, pediatrics and general surgery. Treatments such as endocrinology, gynecology, nephrology, orthopedics, radiology, urology, cosmetic surgery, eye and LASIK, gastrointestinal tract and liver, and ear, nose and throat are also done at this facility. Each of the specialized facilities contain the some of the best physicians in the world, as well as advanced cancer treatments.

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