Teen Obesity: Treating a Growing Epidemic with Bariatric Surgery Abroad

Taking care of our children is the number one job of parents around the world, but growing In the ‘old days’ kids played outside, but today, most teens spend their free time playing video games, chatting online or texting or watching TV.

Unfortunately, teen obesity has reached nearly epidemic proportions in recent years. The American Heart Association and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that between 15% and 33% of adolescents in the United States alone are overweight. Teens are being diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and other physical problems.

Teens who have tried and failed to lose weight, and upon the advice and recommendation of their pediatrician, may consider weight loss procedures or bariatric surgery procedures.

The two most commonly performed weight loss surgical procedures for teens have included the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and adjustable gastric banding procedure. Lap banding utilizes the placement of an elastic band around a portion of the stomach to decrease its size. This procedure is adjustable and removable.

Safe, effective and quality weight loss procedures and laparoscopic surgical techniques in bariatric or obesity surgery offer hope to obese teens hoping to live normal and healthy lives. Laparoscopic surgery at Advanced Medical Group in Juarez, Mexico or Dr. Jorge Maytorena, Obesity Surgery in Mexicali in Baja California are just a few of the excellent and certified laparoscopic bariatric surgery options abroad. Visit for an in-depth search for the best laparoscopic surgery center to meet your needs and those of your teen in locations from Mexico to Jordan to India and Turkey. Help is out there.

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