Taking Care of Your Teeth in Egypt

Ever been to Egypt?  Egypt is a beautiful country, a land of history and culture and yet one of the most modern in the world. When it comes to medical and dental care, Egypt is growing increasingly popular as one of the most traveled medical and dental tourism destinations. When it comes to dental care, Egypt provides some of the best dentists and oral surgeons in the world.

The Dental Care Clinic, located in downtown Cairo, Egypt offers a variety of dental services including dental implantology, surgical and cosmetic dentistry, laser whitening, chromium cobalt crowns, superlative endodontics, root canal therapy, periodontal care and other dental treatments and therapies. The motto of Dental Care Clinic is “patients well being and satisfaction is our primary goal.” Feedback and the growing reputation of the clinic make it obvious that the staff at the care clinic take their profession and their patient-centered care seriously.

The Dental Care Clinic offers not only personalized treatments and advanced technologies in dentistry, but a unique dental team that deals with all age groups from small children to the elderly.  Quality care is prized at the Dental Care Clinic, offering only safe and accredited treatments by fully trained, experienced and certified dentists and dental surgeons.

Doctors Karim Essmat and Ramez Essmat are highly qualified in dental care, treatments and therapies. If you find yourself traveling in the region and have any type of dental problem that you’ve been dealing with in your home country, consider stopping into the offices of the dental care clinic. You and your teeth will be glad to do it.

For more information about Dental Care Clinic in Cairo, visit There, you’ll find information about dental care, qualifications and training of dentists and oral surgeons and the best dental facilities abroad.

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