Surgery in Mexico

Some of the most affordable surgery in Mexico is located just a hop, skip and a jump into a new world – one filled with options, treatments and procedures in a wide variety of treatment in Mexico options, like cancer treatment, chronic diseases, obesity/bariatric surgery, weight loss programs, dentistry, skin care and cosmetic/plastic surgery. Cancun hospitals provide the best in care while offering travelers some fun in the sun, while bariatric or obesity surgeries in Mexicali offer affordable bariatric surgery for all.


Medical travelers can anticipate saving up to 50% on medical procedure costs in Mexico, without the lengthy wait times for appointments or surgery elsewhere. Mexico enjoys some of the most modern and technologically advanced facilities in the world. Providing highly trained and experienced surgeons and physicians, Mexico has been giving the United States ample competition for years and will continue to do so as medical costs in the U.S. continue to rise.


Dr. Sergio Verboonen, one of the best surgeons in Mexico, specializes in adjustable gastric bands, while the Sanoviv Medical Institute located on the Baja Coast offers alternative medicine, and great Baja Coast Health Centers that beckon to California and Arizona residents looking for affordable surgery in Mexico.


From Mexicali to Puerto Vallarta, medical tourism Mexico offers the best of care and compassion while at the same time offering excellent care, high-tech procedures and treatments and some of the best Mexican hospitals for a wide range of medical needs. Board certified doctors and surgeons offer world-class treatment and expertise when it comes to all fields of medicine. Check out Mexico as a showcase for the best Latin America has to offer.

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