Go Abroad for Stem Cell Treatments

Stem cell research and treatments are still relatively new, but there are facilities around the world that use stem cell treatments, and transplants to help treat degenerative diseases. Diseases that benefit from stem cell treatments include:

Going abroad for stem cell treatments or transplants has many benefits. It is more cost effective to travel to a destination, such as Greece or China, to receive such treatments rather than undergoing them in the United States. These facilities offer patients top-notch care, and the physicians at the centers have years of experience and research to offer patients, just as they do in the United States. Innovative technology and research is being conducted in the Ukraine. There, stem cells are being used to treat the following conditions:

  • Joint diseases
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Craniocerebral traumas
  • Rehabilitation after chemotherapy
  • Pancreatic diabetes

Stem cells, while beneficial in treating diseases, are also being used in cosmetic procedures, including:

  • Cosmetology with placenta extract application
  • Anti-aging therapy and rejuvenation of the organism

Whether you want to travel to India, to Mexican stem cell treatement facilities, or China to undergo stem cell procedures, the accommodations are equipped with modern technology and instruments. Facilities also cater to patient’s needs, offer in- or outpatient services, diagnostic examinations, and rehabilitation options. If you are interested in finding out more about possible stem cell treatments or transplants, be sure to visit for destination options and accommodations.



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