Stem Cell Treatments and Technologies: 2010 Update

In the coming months, stem cell researchers will gather at conferences around the world, discussing recent advancements in stem cell research and development. For example, stem cell therapy research and a variety of formats has made national headline news in countries around the world.  The Salk Institute for Biological Studies and the Center for Regenerative Medicine are forging full steam ahead on umbilical cord blood research of pluripotent stem cells (IPS) as well as embryonic stem cell research. 

In the field of orthopedics, stem cell treatments and transplants are being tested in a new surgical technique to repair damaged bone structure. Bone marrow stem cells are taken from the patient and injected into damaged bone structure for regrowth and development of damaged or diseased bone. Such technologies may eventually offer a viable substitute of hip replacement surgery.

Stem cell therapies and treatments are being devised to treat brain disease in patients as well as those suffering cognitive disorders caused by chronic neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Testing new systems of stem cell therapy delivery may include inhaling stem cells suspended in fluid for rapid absorption in the brain.

The future of stem cell research, technology and potential treatments and therapies are limitless. Stem cell research and stem cell treatment facilities around the world engaged in all forms of stem cell research, from umbilical cord to placental stem cell and adult stem cells offer encouragement and hope.

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