Stem Cell Therapy for Cerebral Palsy in Europe

Cerebral Palsy defines a variety of physical manifestations related to movement and posture. Originating in the brain, Cerebral Palsy causes muscles to be stiff or rigid, or weak and uncontrolled. Affecting children who carry the condition into adulthood, cerebral palsy may also cause vision problems such as depth perception, lack of balance, as well as uncontrolled muscle movements, or a combination of all the muscular and neuro manifestations mentioned above.

In some cases, toddlers or small children diagnosed with cerebral palsy may overcome their symptoms as they age, but many others suffering from moderate to severe forms of the condition must live with their symptoms for their entire life. Cerebral palsy is caused by some form of damage or injury to the brain, often occurring during development or the birthing process.

Children experiencing a lack of muscle tone, the ability to breathe properly, swallowing difficulties, immunodeficiency, and difficulty with movement, including lack of balance, difficulty walking, and using fine motor skills may benefit from stem cell therapies targeting certain areas of the brain that affect movement and function. Repeated stem cell injections may be necessary, through subcutaneous or intravenous injection.

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