Stem Cell Therapies Reaching New Horizons in Patient Care

Stem cell research and therapies offered around the globe also offer hope. Researchers in the field of stem cell transplants and therapies such as those at EmCell forge ahead in the utilization of embryonic stem cell treatments to help their patients achieve improvement in a variety of ailments and disease processes.

Autologous neural stem cell technologies and treatments have shown great promise in the area of treating symptoms caused by diseases like Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s, increasing the need to accelerate research findings and provide options for those suffering from such disease processes. Increasing numbers of individuals around the world are demanding more personal choices and auctions in their healthcare, which is not limited by borders.

Another common type of transplant is called the allogenic, which means the bone marrow stem cells has been taken from a different individual, to later be injected into the patient. A peripheral blood stem cell transplant (PBSCT) is another common methods of an autologous transplant that involves the patient’s blood being passed through a machine that processes and removes stem cells from the blood and then returned to the body. 

Stem cell therapies focusing on the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis are designed to restore tissue function and to slow and reverse symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis following early diagnosis.  Stem cell transplantation offers hope to millions suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and is a leading focus of study in international stem cell communities.

Stem cell therapeutics are under development and clinical trial research engaged in treating neuromuscular conditions such as Parkinson’s, ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) and Multiple Sclerosis. Trials conducted throughout Europe, Australia and South America have shown a high percentage of opportunity to slow the progression of the disease process utilizing stem cell replacement therapies.


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