Stem Cell Research Continues to Offer Hope for Millions

Recently, regenerative medicine has received boosts from stem cell research that may be used in a wide variety of fields, including obesity and weight loss, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery using fat transplantation as well as stem cells used for breast implants. Another recent development was the use of stem cells activated by lasers to help treat COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), ranked as the 4th leading cause of death in the U.S.

New stem cell treatments, research and technologies have followed Australian and French researchers as they attempt to develop stem cell delivery systems such as stem cell capsules that may help treat orthopedic issues such as broken bones, while nearly 160 stem-cell based clinical trials are under way in the fields of cardiology, neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, spinal cord injuries, stroke, immune, ophthalmic and peripheral artery disease, just to name a few.

A large number of these stem cell clinical trials are in Phase II and Phase III trials, and technologies that enable autologous (transplants of a patient’s own tissues) stemm cell therapies lead the stem cell transplantations for stem cell treatments of bone marrow disease processes, while the other majority of stem cells under study were focusing on cardiovascular disease processes including PAD (peripheral artery disease), stroke and cardiac or heart disease.

Facilities such as EmCell, located in Kiev, Ukraine, offer treatments and therapies for a variety of medical conditions, and stem cell research and development facilities in Latin America like American Stem Cell in Quinto, Ecuador also offer treatments, and hope, to many.

Stem cell clinical trials are under way in the U.S. and Europe, within Germany and Spain. From treatment of fractures to treatments for Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative disease processes, stem cell technologies and research are leading the charge for treatments and cures.


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