Spine Care – Surgery in India

Have you been diagnosed with cervical spondylosis? Do you have facet joint arthritis in your lumbar spine? What about a condition like scoliosis or degenerative spine disease? Finding treatment for such conditions that you can afford isn’t always just around the corner. Sometimes, you may need to go around the world.

If your spine has been injured or damaged in a traumatic incident or a fall, you may be dealing with chronic back stiffness, pain and limited mobility. The problem is, spine surgery and back procedures are expensive. A laminectomy in the U.S. can cost up to $77,000, and spinal fusion averages $115,000. Don’t give up hope of relief.

Medical travelers may save thousands of dollars on spine treatments and surgeries.  The best spine surgery in India costs less. The cost of spinal fusion ranges between $8,700 and $10,000 and a laminectomy costs $4,500 to $5,500. Spine care facilities such as the Artemis Health Institute in Gurgaon, India, offer cutting edge technologies and comprehensive spinal care services.

Spine hospitals in India such as back surgery health centers in Mumbai and the affordable spinal surgery cost in India has driven more travelers to that country for excellent and innovative, state-of-the-art technology and surgical procedures. The BLK Memorial Hospital located in New Delhi is another.

For information on back pain surgery in New Delhi or spine care surgery in Goa, surgery in Bangalore or surgery in Gurgaon, visit PlacidWay, a leader in international medical care resources. Your movement may be limited, but your choices aren’t.


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