Spend less time sitting to avoid serious diseases

Spend less time sitting to avoid serious diseases

You hear everywhere that to have a healthy life you should do physical exercise for at least half an hour each day. Well, what if we told you that this is not enough?

Scientists have discovered that even if people do exercise for at least half an hour each day but then spend the rest of the time sitting, they are still prone to serious diseases such as breast cancer, diabetes, stroke, colon cancer, obesity, cardiovascular disease, etc.

sitting is harmfulThis does not necessarily mean that you have to go to the gym the entire day. Simply by standing more you make a difference and increase your chances to have a healthy and longer life. Working in an office is no excuse. You can always stand up, move around, just to break up the long period of sitting on that chair.

Why is sitting harmful?

When we sit for a long time, we diminish the muscular contraction time and so the molecule which is responsible for taking in fat and using it for energy, shuts down. So we are the ones who tell our bodies not to stimulate the metabolism during the day and then we wonder why we get fat, sick and tired all the time.

Let’s say that you do not have time or money to go to the gym each day, but you have no excuse for sitting on the chair, sofa, car or bed for long periods.

Tips to avoid sitting for long periods:

– move your laptop/PC to higher grounds
– move your body at least every half an hour
– stand up and walk when you make/receive a phone call

Get up and move around! It’s FREE!

Ana Savin

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