Are You a Smart Medical Traveler?

You may think you are. How about this question… if you decided to venture abroad for a medical treatment or procedure, do you know what to look for? We don’t know why, but many patients are hesitant to ask their doctor, surgeon, or facility for information regarding training and experience.

Why is that? We ask questions of our mechanics when it comes to car repairs, we ask questions about our schoolteachers, and we are certainly not hesitant to question a realtor or agent before buying a house. So why are people so hesitant to ask questions of their doctors?

We encourage everyone to ask questions. Ask questions of your doctor, surgeon or hospital staff regardless of where you’re from, and where you may be headed. Always take the time to find out information about any medical provider – at home or abroad. This is important whether you’re seeking treatment for age spots or you’re considering cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery or a cardiac transplant.

Here’s a list of possible questions to ask regarding healthcare facilities – at home or in Thailand, Croatia, South America or Jordan.

* How does the medical facility or service best meet my needs?

* How will I benefit from a specific service or facility?

* Do staff and/or service provide successful treatment?

* Is the doctor certified? Is the facility accredited by national or international accrediting organizations?

* Is the procedure/doctor/facility affordable?

This is just a starting point. Ask. After all, it’s your body. For informational resources about traveling abroad for medical care, visit


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