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Singapore – just the sound of the name evokes images of tropical splendor, smiling faces and exotic foods and sights that make you sigh. Singapore, located at the southern end of the Malay Peninsula may not be the largest country in the world, but it draws millions of visitors from around the world every year because of its never-ending allure of mystery, and cosmopolitan style.

Singapore is a land of rivers, islands and gorgeous beaches that draws visitors from around the world. A mild climate, delicious cuisine, and thousands of years of history, steeped in thousand-year-old culture and traditions beckon world travelers who have only heard about the wonders and scenic beauty of this smallest country in Asia. Long the hub of trade between the Orient and the rest of the world, Singapore has a long history of being a leader in finance, electronics, IT development, and medical technology.

Singapore Basics

Currency: Singapore dollar
Language: Malay
Climate: Tropical with no distinct seasons – average temperatures of 86°F
Capital: Singapore City (downtown area)

230 volts – travelers are advised to purchase a voltage converter before traveling when necessary. Outlets in Singapore are shaped like an upside-down U with two flat and parallel prongs at the bottom, and a single vertical prong at the top.

Visa Requirements
All visitors to Singapore must meet the following entry requirements:

  • Valid travel document (minimum validity = 6 months);
  • Onward / return ticket;
  • Entry facilities to next destination;
  • Sufficient funds to stay in Singapore and
  • Visa for Singapore (if applicable)

Countries that may require Level I or Level II visas include but are not limited to:

  • Azerbaijan
  • Georgia
  • India
  • Kazakhstan
  • Nigeria
  • Turkmenistan
  • Ukraine
  • Afghanistan
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Pakistan
  • Jordan
  • Libya

The Singapore dollar is the most common monetary denomination, though major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard accepted from most vendors. Travelers should be advised that many vendors will charge between 3% and 5% for credit card payments. Most vendors will also accept Traveler’s Checks or may request they be converted into the Singapore dollar prior to transactions.

Airlines Serving Singapore
Perhaps the most well known international airport in Singapore is Changi International Airport, though running a close second is Seletar Airport. A number of international airlines service Singapore, including:

  • Aeroflot
  • Air China
  • Air India
  • Delta Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Royal Dutch Airlines
  • United
  • Thai Airways International
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Quantas

Singapore Country Dialing Code
You may need to dial an exit country code for international calls. For example, the exit country dialing code for the U.S. is 011.
[exit country code] + 65 + telephone number

Embassies in Singapore

  • Argentinian Embassy in Singapore

78 Shenton Way, #15-01 Singapore 079120 Tel: (65) 6324-1433

  • Brazilian Embassy in Singapore

101 Thomson Road, #09-05 United Square, Singapore 307591 Tel: (65) 6256-6001/2

  • Canadian Embassy in Singapore

One George Street #11-01, Singapore 049145 Tel: (65) 6854-5900 Fax: (65) 6854-5930

  • French Embassy in Singapore

5 Gallop Road, Singapore 258960 Tel: (65) 6466-4866

  • German Embassy in Singapore

50 Raffles Place, #12-00 Singapore Land Tower, Singapore 048623 Tel: (65) 6533 6002

  • Italian Embassy in Singapore

101 Thomson Road, #27-02 United Square, Singapore 307591 Tel: (65) 6250-6022

  • American Embassy in Singapore

27 Napier Road Singapore 258508 Tel: (65) 6476-9100

10 Fun Things to do in Singapore

  • Visit Orchard Road and shop to your heart’s content
  • Visit Singapore’s Botanical gardens
  • Enjoy the Singapore Zoo’s Night Safari
  • Take an afternoon trip to Sentosa Island
  • Visit Haw Par Villa theme park
  • Enjoy a dinner cruise on the Admiral Cheng Ho
  • Spend an afternoon at the Jurong Bird Park
  • Try a food-tasting tour along Peranaken Trail
  • Bet on the horses at Singapore’s Turf Club
  • Ride the Singapore Flyer, one of the largest Ferris Wheels in the world

Singapore is a haven for those looking for a bit of relaxation, some warm sands and tropical breezes that Singapore is famous for. From finding entertainment playing mah-jongg on the streets to an exciting game of cricket in city parks, visitors are treated with a wide range of activities both in the city and in the lush forests that cover much of this exotic island.

Singapore has earned a reputation of being one of the hottest medical tourist destinations in Asia. High quality medical care and facilities await those arriving from around the world to benefit from Singapore’s expert physicians and surgeons in the fields of dentistry, cardiac and orthopedic surgeries and organ transplant programs.

Nine JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited hospitals in Singapore provide excellent service and quality for nearly all medical and health needs, at a tenth of costs paid for equal medical care in the U.S. Literally hundreds of thousands of international travelers visit Singapore every year to benefit from low-cost surgical procedures and high-quality care and facilities.

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