Shoulder Surgery in India

By choosing shoulder surgery in India, international patients do not only benefit from affordable prices, but also the high quality medical care and highly trained medical staff when they go in the Asian country which is a well renowned hub for medical tourism. Shoulder replacement is not as common as hip replacement or knee replacement, but the specialized orthopedic surgeons Indian hospitals are board-certified and have rich experience. So, having shoulder replacement surgery abroad is just as safe as having it at home – only it’s much cheaper, bringing successful outcomes for patients struggling with everyday pain.

Who can benefit from shoulder surgery?

If other treatments fail to solve the orthopedic issues, shoulder replacement is very safe and has very good results. It is no riskier than other joint replacement surgeries.

Patients who can identify indicators like pain from arthritis, wearing out of the joints, or shoulder injury and the attendant loss of function, are encouraged to undergo a shoulder replacement surgical procedure.

What implies a Shoulder Replacement Surgical  Procedure?

The joint is approached through a large incision in the shoulder region. The upper joint of the humerus (the upper arm bone) is cut and removed. The removed part is replaced by an artificial surface known as ‘prosthesis’. The prosthesis may need to be cemented to the bone or it may be made of material that allows new bone to grow into the joint over time to hold it in place without cement.

Popular Shoulder Surgery Procedures

Arthroscopy – a minimally invasive alternative to repair the shoulder and restore its regular movement. This procedure makes use of a very small device called an arthroscope. This device can be placed in your shoulder with a very small incision. Then the damage to the shoulder can be reviewed and small tools can be used to repair the damage.

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