Seeking Treatment for Eye Problems

Having trouble reading that medicine bottle label, or ingredients on box or can labels at the store? Have you noticed that you’re doing the ‘old lady thing’ – meaning extending small print further from your nose so you can actually read the paper or that magazine article? If you’ve found yourself doing this, consider seeing your eye doctor. With middle age comes conditions caused by natural aging and wear and tear on your eyes.

Vision care is important for not only independence but also quality of life. Ignoring eye care and eye health may have horrible results. For example, cataracts, blurred vision, cloudy vision, and conditions such as astigmatism, amblyopia, myopia, or other symptoms you may refuse to acknowledge until your vision is severely impaired. Unfortunately, access to eye clinic facilities and opportunities aren’t available in many regions, especially in today’s Middle Eastern countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran. Regular eye exams, the needs for glasses, contacts, or other corrective vision therapies are beyond the reach and means of many.

Cataract surgery and LASIK eye care procedures are commonly techniques for vision care, as are glaucoma surgery to restore vision caused by a gradual clouding of the eye lens. The only reliable solution for most people diagnosed with cataracts is cataract surgery. For others, LASIK  eye care and procedures may help treat vision problems such as near and farsightedness, blurred or double vision.

Accessible and affordable eye surgeries and treatments are offered in eye clinics around the world, giving you and your loved ones options for eye and vision care – no matter where you live.



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