Seeking Cancer Treatment Abroad

Cancer can strike anyone, anywhere. Cancer doesn’t discriminate against age, race, color or socioeconomic status. A diagnosis of cancer is one of the hardest things any person will hear in his or her lifetime, and treating it isn’t easy, or cheap. Unfortunately, cancer treatments, both traditional as well as newer treatments, are extremely expensive. No one should have to choose between cancer care and the financial security of their family, home or belongings.


Finding affordable cancer treatment in the United States is becoming increasingly difficult, especially when it comes to newer drugs on the market, which often come with a price tag of several thousand dollars a month.


When looking for a doctor abroad to help treat cancer, patients should look for cancer specialists trained in the field of oncology. Patients should look for experience, training, and that the specialist of their choice has been board-certified in specific areas of medicine. The physician who is board-certified in medical oncology or surgery will ensure their qualifications in their field.


Cancer treatment abroad offers some of the best cancer treatment hospitals in Mexico, or some of the best cancer specialists in Turkey. Affordable cancer treatment in India, as well as Jordan, Spain, Germany and the Ukraine are becoming viable options for not only Americans but also natives from other countries seeking high quality yet affordable cancer care.


Check out facilities such as the Artemis Health Institute in Gurgeon, India or the Jordan Hospital in Amman, Jordan and the Almater Hospital in Mexicali, Mexico to determine your best options for treatment.

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