Saving Big on Medical Tourism Abroad

As we all know, the cost of medical procedures is rising at a dramatic rate within the United States. Medical malpractice insurance for physicians and surgeons has driven medical costs for consumers through the roof. So, it’s not surprising that people are fighting back, and in an unusual way. A growing trend called medical tourism finds more Americans seeking medical help outside of the country. 


Traveling to another country to have a wide variety of procedures done has grown increasingly popular as costs for procedures continue to cause financial hardship and strain. If you haven’t really seriously considered traveling to another country to have your procedure done, you should. Traveling outside of national borders saves patients thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on various surgeries and medical procedures. In some cases, choosing to have surgery abroad costs about a tenth of what you’d pay for the same procedure in the U.S.


PlacidWay, a medical tourism portal based in Colorado, USA, offers medical travel and global medical tourism resources, information and facility descriptions and certification for international travelers seeking affordable yet quality medical care and services.


Surgical and medical facilities outside of the United States, including those in Asia, e.g., India, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia, and North American cross border countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, and Latin America; and Eastern Block/European countries such as Hungary, Norway, Poland, lure growing numbers of medical tourists with the best trained physicians, higher service standards and huge savings.

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