Risks and Benefits of Transplant Tourism

Transplant Tourism  - Risks and Benefits

There is no doubt that medical science has come a long way from drilling a hole in your head in order to exorcise the demons when you had a cold. Nowadays organ transplants are being performed daily. Some of the most popular are kidney, liver, heart and lung transplants. The benefits are staggering. It helps patients with terminal diseases or organ failure due to various traumas start anew. In some cases, transplanting a healthy organ into a patient helps other organs work better and become themselves healthier.

As with all medical procedures, may they be made inside your own country or abroad, they involve a certain amount of risk. This risk is proportional to where you choose to have your procedure. It depends a great deal firstly on the legal bindings of the country that you are visiting. Some countries like Turkey and India, that signed the Istanbul Declaration regarding organ trafficking and organ commercialism, are opposed to people from other countries simply coming and buying their way into operating theaters, with organs bought off of living donors, while others have to wait for deceased donors, which most of the times aren’t enough.

In this Video you will learn more about the Risks and Benefits of Transplant Tourism.

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