Quality, Safety, and Medical Tourism

Millions of individuals will travel to foreign destinations for medical or health care in 2010, a trend not limited to middle or upper class Americans, Britons, or Canadians. Medical tourism has become a stable method of health and wellness care, preventive medicine and affordable yet quality and safe treatment for individuals from countries in South Africa, South America, Central Europe and Southeast Asia.

Nearly six million Americans alone are estimated to seek international destinations for their medical care in the coming years, and locations in Croatia, Turkey, and Jordan (Jordan Hospital) are fast making a reputation for themselves in providing certified, JCI accredited, and world-class treatments, procedures and facilities for global travelers.

More facilities are applying for international accreditation by institutions such as WHO (World Health Organization), JCI (Joint Commissions International) and the Trent Accreditation Scheme, ensuring quality patient care, safety standards, and the latest in technological developments and techniques.

Orthopedic surgery, cardiac surgical techniques and procedures, obesity and bariatric surgeries and cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures are just a few of the healthcare options available to individuals around the world. Hip replacements, atrial-septal defect repair, gastric bypass and face lifts are just a few of the techniques available in locations around the world. The availability of cancer therapies, stem cell research, dental techniques and vision care has encouraged medical consumers from nearly all countries in the world to travel to foreign destinations for their medical needs.

Medical tourism is here to stay, and has fast become an affordable and logical resource for medical services in the 21st century.

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