Taking the Plunge – Accessing Benefits of Medical Tourism

Patients often hesitate to ask a doctor, surgeon or facility about their training and experience. Why is that? We don’t hesitate to check out our children’s teachers or daycare providers. We access feedback when it comes to our auto mechanics or contractors. So why not our medical providers?

When looking for the best of medical or dental care abroad, you need to ask questions. For example:

  • How will the medical practice, facility or service best meet my need?
  • Why will I benefit from your specific service or facility?
  • Does your service provide safe and successful treatments?
  • Does the physician, surgeon or facility provide adequate feedback or proof?
  • Is the doctor/facility certified or accredited by national or international accrediting organizations?
  • Does the doctor/facility offer affordable solutions to patients?

Never hesitate to ask any question that comes to mind before choosing any medical provider, at home or abroad. PlacidWay encourages medical patients, no matter where they’re from or where they’re going, to ask questions of a medical provider, whether they’re seeking treatment for a root canal or obtaining cosmetic surgery or a cardiac transplant.

PlacidWay is an international medical tourism provider and resource based in Denver, Colorado, a growing leader in the health and wellness industry. Offering online information, data and resources regarding international medical providers, physicians, surgeons and facilities around the globe, from South Africa to Costa Rica and from medical tourism in Asia, from South Korea to Thailand or from Croatia and Turkey to Switzerland, PlacidWay offers options.

Your care is just as important as care offered to your children, so don’t forget to ask…

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