PlacidWay Promotes Patient Safety

PlacidWay is a medical provider and resource that provides you with quick access to the world’s topmost doctors and physicians working in internationally accredited and certified hospitals and clinics and in all specialties to provide high standards in quality of care.

PlacidWay carefully researches information regarding center facilities, treatments and  procedures, and that every physician, surgeon or facility offers in-depth profiles of qualifications, training and experience of healthcare providers and that international standards of care are followed. JCI accreditation or international certification as well as information regarding continuing education training of physicians and surgeons in all specialties is examined in order to provide high standards of quality of care for consumers.

As a provider, PlacidWay takes care to research and promote only medical care providers and medical centers that meet or exceed the demands of international patients by providing technologically advanced healthcare infrastructures coupled with tourism. Accreditation and certification, experience and training are uppermost in creating reliable medical provider profiles for PlacidWay.

Accreditation guidelines ensure an external review and evaluation of quality as well as management practices in a wide range of medical fields and scenarios. Accreditation is considered a standard through which a healthcare facility or service is shown to offer quality and healthcare that meet minimum standards and guidelines offered by various domestic and international quality boards.

Today, international facilities are increasingly desirous of being rated (or graded) by U.S. and international accreditation organizations to offer competitive bariatric surgery providers and care, dental and cosmetic and plastic surgeries and centers, as well as fertility treatment treatments and procedures in world-class destinations around the globe. PlacidWay strives to include these facilities in their database of excellent and recommended caregivers and medical facilities.

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