PlacidWay Attending Global Health & Medical Tourism Congress

The 3rd The Global Health & Medical Tourism Congress (GHMTC) is meeting on September 22-24th in Los Angeles, California, offering over 2,000 attendees the chance to meet and network, learn about the latest in medical technology and patient-centered care, and to discuss growing needs and consumer options for health and wellness, medical tourism, and developing collaboration with accredited and certified facilities around the globe focused on providing accessibility and options to consumers around the globe.

PlacidWay is proud to participate in the world’s largest and most influential medical tourism conference. “We’re looking forward to the conference,” says Pramod Goel, CEO and founder of PlacidWay, a medical resource portal based in Denver, Colorado. “Doing so gives us the opportunity to meet and network with the best healthcare professionals from around the world and learn about the latest industry trends and innovations.”

This conference brings together a group of people who care about quality healthcare services, offer compassionate and patient-centered care and an increasingly growing collection of providers in the medical tourism industry ecosystem, providing diversity, choices and effective medical tourism options.

PlacidWay is a leading medical tourism portal reaching over 25 countries, offering the most comprehensive resources to consumers seeking the best in medical care from all points of the globe. “We offer options,” Goel says simply. “Our focus is on giving medical consumers from Nigeria to Brooklyn choices when it comes to quality, accessible and affordable medical care. We provide transparency, research and education for our customers, and offer them the opportunity to customize their medical travel experiences for the best in care practices.”

The Global Health & Medical Tourism Congress (GHMTC) conference provides PlacidWay the unique opportunity to broaden their resources and network with global medical and healthcare service providers, continuing to offer the best in medical tourism practices.

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