Patient Safety – Personal Care Expectations

Is medical tourism is safe? What is patient safety? How does one determine whether policies, procedures and techniques offered in a variety of medical fields are safe? Even more difficult, how is patient safety defined in different countries?

What do you want when you visit a doctor or healthcare facility? You want to be assured that the doctor knows what he’s doing, you want the facility to be clean and professional, and most of all, you want to be assured that your safety, comfort and the results of your procedure are the best they can be.

When looking for international providers, ask about a doctor or surgeon’s training, certification and experience. When looking at facilities, ask about their certification or accreditation. Many world-class hospitals around the world are JCI-accredited.  The Joint Commission International is similar and focused on providing quality care and safety for medical practices around the world.

Medical travelers should also ask a variety of basic questions regarding patient safety and care in any destination. The American Medical Association recently offered guidelines for medical tourists that include factors such as:

  •  Select providers and facilities that have been accredited by recognized international accrediting bodies
  • Follow-up care should be arranged prior to departure to ensure continuity of care
  • International patients should have access to physician licensure, accreditation of facilities, as well as data or information regarding outcomes of procedures or techniques performed by a specific surgeon or hospital
  • Transfer and sharing of patient medical records should coincide with HIPAA guidelines

Travel safely. Research your options and choices before you decide on a doctor, surgeon or facility to help with your needs and goals. Visit PlacidWay for information regarding certified providers and accredited facilities around the world that will meet, if not surpass,  your expectations.

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