Orthopedic Surgery Abroad

Orthopedic surgeries are designed to provide and promote the health and healing of bone and joint needs associated with a wide variety of orthopedic conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, knee and hip problems, arthritis, and sports injuries such as maybe e.g.,) tennis elbow or rotator cuff surgery.  The scope of orthopedic specialties enables treatment of joint injuries as well as those caused by ligament, tendon, or nerve damage.

      Knee Surgery

      Hip Replacement Surgery

      Hip Resurfacing Surgery

      Shoulder Surgery

      Elbow Surgery

      Hand Surgery

      Total Knee Replacement


Orthopedic treatments and surgeries help to treat chronic diseases such as various forms of arthritis in the hands, knees and back. For example, rheumatoid arthritis severely inhibits mobility in the fingers and hands. Treatments and surgeries designed to relieve pain and increase mobility require a team effort from specialists in orthopedic surgery as well as specialists who focus on the musculature damage such arthritis causes. Orthopedic treatment may help or repair damage caused to hip joints caused by traumatic injuries, fractures or osteoarthritis conditions. Such treatments may require surgical procedures to replace broken joints with partial or total artificial joints, as well as the use of pins or braces to hold bone sections together.

Facilities around the world, such as Wooridul Spine Hospital in South Korea and the CTG Healthcare Group in Izmir, Turkey are dedicated to providing the best orthopedic care at prices most Americans can afford.

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