Onlays, Inlays in Dental Care… What’s the Difference?

Many of us neglect our dental health and wellness until we notice that something’s wrong, or we experience pain or worse yet, varying degrees of gum disease. When it comes to dental health and wellness, many of us don’t know the difference between dental onlays and inlays. Let’s see what’s the difference between these dental treatments!


How are Onlay & Inlays Used?

Onlay and inlay restoration, bonding, and types of and materials are used in creation of dentures. In cases where the tooth has been chipped or damaged by a cavity, an inlay is designed to restore the function, strength and integrity of the tooth. Inlays are often made of gold or porcelain. Gold is a superior structure that protects against decay and provides optimal strength and function to cavities or holes in damaged teeth.

On the other hand, deeper damage such as that caused by a fracture or decay has rotted a portion of the tooth, an onlay provides an ideal solution. Onlays provide restoration to the crown or cusp of a tooth.  The onlay provides a protective cap or crown for a damaged tooth, allowing for preservation of the tooth structure that also prevents further damage.

What are the costs of Onlay & Inlays Restoration?

In the U.S., where the majority of adults and seniors don’t have dental insurance, costs for an onlay or inlay range between $650 and $1,200.  International dental travelers may save hundreds of dollars on inlay or onlay restoration. Dental Tourism Travelers may visit places such as Mexico, in locations like Cancun or Los Algodones where they will save up to 50% on restoration costs charged in the United States. If Mexico is too far, dental care travelers may visit destinations such in Turkey or Greece where the health care is amazing and they may save up to 75%. Those traveling to India in Asia might save between 30 and 65%.

You may take a look to some of our Worldwide Dental Clinics for these or other dental treatments.

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