Oh, My Teeth Are Killing Me!

Have cavities or an impacted wisdom tooth? Tooth and jaw pain is not funny. Not only does it hurt, but if left untreated, bad or misaligned teeth can lead to health problems. Your need for a dentist or oral dental surgeon might be cosmetic or medical in nature. Either way, if you’re experiencing bleeding gums, toothache or jaw pain, tooth erosion, or even chronic bad breath, you need to go see a dentist.

Dentists do more than take x-rays and fill cavities you know. Dental techniques used in a large number of cosmetic dental procedures are popular these days. Some popular dental procedures include but are not limited to:


In the U.S., dental implants can cost between $1,200 and $2,000 while cost for a crown varies according to what type of crown you choose. Costs for those range between $800 and $1,000. Bonding costs $300 and $600 a tooth. No wonder we avoid the dentist like the plague!

Dental travelers visiting places like India, Thailand, Turkey, and Mexico can save hundreds to thousands of (insert your money designation here) on dental care costs. Facilities found from Costa Rica to Croatia offer the best in cosmetic dental care. Busy travelers should take advantage of affordable and accessible dentists and oral surgeons to take care of their dental needs while traveling for business. Dental care in India continues to offer the best in cosmetic dentistry techniques and procedures at affordable prices.




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