Obesity Surgery Abroad: Sleeve Gastrectomy in Guatemala

Take advantage of the new phenomenon so they prepare themselves by ensuring that their surgeons are safer and more qualified than ever before. Going to Guatemala for a face lift or a breast augmentation surgery can actually be a lot cheaper than costs incurred in the United States and you can enjoy different activities that Guatemala has to offer while you’re there.


If you’re interested in dental care, obesity treatments, cardiac procedures or more, Guatemala offers several high-tech facilities to treat a multitude of conditions. High standards of care, training, experience and expertise await medical travelers to this little known, but globally developing country in Central America.


One of the best known and popular medical care physicians in Latin America for bariatric surgeries is Dr. Rodrigo Gonzalez Toledo, an expert in open gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy and adjustable gastric banding or lap band procedures.


Dr. Toledo’s facility, called Angels Abroad, offers travelers pre-op consultations, round the clock nursing care, post-op meds and hotel and dining arrangements. What’s easier than that? For bariatric surgery in Guatemala or to enjoy low bariatric bypass surgery cost, check out alternatives in Guatemala.


Medical travelers from the United States, Canada and other countries are traveling to Latin America for affordable medications, prescriptions, and treatments not available in the United States, including stem cell therapies and many alternative treatments that are nevertheless accepted and practiced around the world. The rising costs of healthcare and medical insurance in the United States is propelling more Americans, including Hispanics, to venture elsewhere for quality and experienced healthcare.


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