Obesity & Diabetes. Breaking the connection!

Obesity & Diabetes. Breaking the connection!

It turns out that over 2.1 billion people in the world are obese,and, yes, indeed many of them suffer from other diseases such as: hypertension, high blood pressure, coronary diseases, heart attacks, strokes, and of course: Diabetes Type 2. The statistics make us wonder: What are we doing wrong? According to studies, we could actually prevent diabetes by preventing obesity, and this is not so hard as we thought. So,how do we stop it?

OBESITY. Many images come to mind when we hear the word obese. To be overweight or obese is a synonym of stress, frustration and mockery received from the people around us. Obesity, as well, leads us to a variety of negative feelings and emotions about the world and ourselves, as the amazing personality we have does not match the image we see reflected every morning in front of the mirror.

Which factors intervene in Obesity?

obesity-diabetes-prevent-diseases-placidwayObese people are indeed in a vicious cycle of anxiety, sadness and the continuing search for comforting food; so, the main factors that intervene in obesity are:

  • Psychological factors: emotional stress, anxiety, sleeping problems, anger, and hostility, which are highly correlated with the development of type 2 diabetes and obesity.
  • Diet and lifestyle also play a role; not working out and having bad eating habits can lead to both, diabetes and obesity. Eating more than your body needs also plays an important role too.
  • “Bad” Fat Food, fast food, is a complete delight for everyone from time to time, but for obese people, it’s almost an addiction, as their brains have become dependent of it, however, it’s possible to stop.

Changing Obesity

Simple measures to prevent obesity and of course diabetes are:

  • Eat healthy, and even if you eat foreign cuisine from time to time, try to eat as much local (healthy) food as you can. Yes! Local food plays a role in being fit!
  • Keep stress levels to a minimum, sleep well, control (manage) your anger, and your time.
  • Eat thinking about your health and exercise to produce brown fat. Yes! Brown fat (also known as “good fat”).

To know more about how to change obesity, read our article: Diabetes Type 2 and Obesity-Two Preventable Problems.

Remember, love yourself no matter how you look, and try to be healthy not just to change your exterior shape, but to be and feel happier! You can prevent obesity and diabetes, and you can become a Healthier & Happier version of YOU!!

 Drea Duque

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