New Laser Technology


Thanks to advances in laser technology, health providers strongly believe that invasive medical surgeries will soon become a thing of the past. Minimally invasive surgery, laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery and imaging technologies have provided tools and equipment for doctors and surgeons that reduce the need for large incisions or delivery of care. One of the world’s most recent discoveries are cosmetic and medical lasers.

Offering low level laser technology, laser procedures are the future of medical care and surgery. Laser therapy is destined to replace traditional surgical instruments, reduce healing time, cause less tissue and surrounding tissue damage and reduce the number of people experiencing infection, long recovery time and post-surgical infection.

Medical laser equipment includes:

  • ERCHONIA® Laser scanners
  • ZERONA® Body Sculpting procedure
  • Smoothbeam 1450nm – diode laser used in treatment of acne
  • Vbeam 595 nm – used in the treatment of vascular lesions, acne, and wrinkles
  • AlexLAZR – used for tattoo removal, as well as removal of sun and age spots
  • Surgical Holmium Laser for Urology
  • Vortran 3-Beam Laser System

The list goes on. Laser technologies offer high quality and precise delivery of necessary treatments or procedures in the medical surgical field. Laser technologies are destined to change the scope and field of surgical procedures in multiple fields, including cancer treatment, cardiac care, obesity and bariatric surgical procedures, cosmetic and plastic surgical techniques and procedures, and repair and replacement of joints in orthopedic fields.

Locations throughout the globe are taking advantage of laser technology. Learn about the future by accessing information and resources in medical technology at PlacidWay. After all, the future is now.

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