New Approaches on Tummy Tuck Procedure in Istanbul, Turkey

New Approaches on Tummy Tuck Procedure in Istanbul, Turkey

Estetik International is now one of the top aesthetic clinics in the world. It was founded in 1999 by the renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Bulent CIHANTIMUR. In this article, the clinic presents its new approaches on the tummy tuck procedure.

Classic Tummy Tuck Operations’ Age is Over

Tummy tuck operations are surgical attempts we do to our patients who have surplus fat deposition on their abdominal area. It’s a situation that comes with ptosis problem, giving birth, hormonal instabilities, medications in use and genetic reasons.

On classic tummy tuck operations, it’s interfered with a longer cutt than caesarean line. Cutt is longer than caesarean line and it’s hidden in underwear. Over fat, dewlap and cracks on it are also removed. Loose muscle tissue in stomach is also strenghtened and the cutt is closed.

Until this part, what I tell is a classic tummy tuck surgery. On my operations, I always say that there are some extra points that we must be careful about and I apply them.

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