Most Common Skin Problems In Women And Treatments

Here are the most common skin problems a woman faces and the surgical and non surgical ways to remove them.

Cosmetic imperfections can occur when losing or gaining weight. A cream that allegedly does wonders is not always effective. Sometimes it is just a temporary mask for the main problem. See here some of the stuff that works.

Common Skin Problems: Cellulite

Cellulite is caused by fat cells that gather under the skin, depending on how each person’s body fat groups. Cellulite is not a pathological condition (Even babies have it!), yet in some women, it is clearly visible. Fortunately, making cellulite vanish is easy with professional help. There are creams that actually make it disappear. Professional hydration is a way to hide it, by bringing the whole skin at an even layer.

Common Skin Problems: Skin discoloration

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Spots and skin discoloration are most common skin problems that frequently show on the chest and back, causing the skin to have an uneven look. The condition is more noticeable on the skin with too much or too little pigment. Its main cause is “tinea versicolor”, a common infection of the skin mostly caught in warm climates and during summer. The best advice for people affected by this common skin problem is to use protective cream against solar radiation, so that the skin does not get a too dark tan.

Common Skin Problems: Stretch marks

Stretch marks are common skin problems caused by rapid weight fluctuation, be it you lose or gain weight. Collagen levels do not cope with skin changes and the skin is unable to adapt.

The first signs are reddish light stripes later turning into bleached marks on the thighs, abdomen, buttocks and breasts. There is no treatment for stretch marks, but there are some creams that make them less visible. Avoid getting stretch marks by hydrating the skin.

Common Skin Problems: Varicose veins (spider web veins)

Web shaped veins are most common on the feet, near ankles and are caused by bad blood flow. Instead of returning to the heart, blood accumulates in the capillary vessels, dilating them, thus leading to the broken veins. People who stand for too long often get varicose veins, because of gravity, which prevents the natural blood flow. Laser treatment for varicose veins is the most common and effective way to get rid of spider veins for good.

However, there are ways to prevent varicose veins: by wearing special stockings, by lifting legs higher than the body when you sit down and exercise, improving blood flow.

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