Missing that Old Smile? Consider Cosmetic Dentistry Abroad

Got bad teeth? Missing that old smile? Children, teenagers, and adults may benefit from a wide variety of cosmetic dental procedures. Procedures and treatments from braces to extending crowns and dental implants benefit those who have suffered tooth injury or loss due to genetics, disease processes or poor oral hygiene. 


Cosmetic dentistry is a field that includes, but is not limited to such services such as:


·        Repairing rough spots or chips

·        Filling cavities

·        Filling gaps between teeth

·        Bleaching teeth for a whiter, brighter smile

·        Covering and protecting broken teeth with porcelain crowns

·        Improving dental health and function through bonding, bridges, and dental implants


Cosmetic dentistry can be expensive, depending on the procedure. In the United States for example, implants may cost $1,200-$2,000 apiece. Bonding may cost $300-$600 a tooth, and crowns may cost anywhere from $800-$1,000.


Dental professionals and clinics in South America, Hungary, and Asia offer the same services for quite a bit less. For example, dental implants in India range from $750 to $1,200 and porcelain or metal crowns or bridges cost only $125 to $300 each. Travelers to Argentina can save up to 70% on dental procedures, and in Europe, travelers to Croatia will pay roughly $1,000 for dental implants and $430 for bleaching or teeth whitening procedures.


Dental tourism abroad can save money and offer premium services and care. Dental facilities such as PV Smile in Peurto Vallarta, Mexico as well as Dental Cosmetics in Costa Rica offer medical tourists the best in health care combined with state of the art and high tech care for all your cosmetic dental needs. Get that smile back where it belongs, without putting yourself in debt.

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